WHY: I have to teach all I know! And I know public speaking is something that just causes debilitating anxiety in a lot of people. I know techniques that will help you with your public speaking journey. You also said you were interested in a class like this and I like to fill needs where ever I can.

WHAT: Public speaking course that will spend four quick weeks strengthening your VOICE, improving your VOCABULARY, and building up your VISUALS.

I really enjoyed prayerful style of teaching

-Mother Pride

WHEN: We will spend one hour a week in a group video conference call. This is going to be a four week course that will start May 26th in the morning.

WHO: Most of you probably already know me, but some probably didn't know I taught public speaking at Coppin State University in Baltimore, MD for five years. My background is in theatre, with a BFA in theatre from the University of Lafayette, and a MFA in design from North Carolina School of Arts. I have been helping students with monologues and speeches for almost 15 years and its really one of my favorite things to do. Its probably because so many people hate to speak in front of people and when I see my students speak with confidence, it fills me with great joy.

WHERE: We are going to do this all online using the video conference app, Zoom. This will allow me to watch you as you practice your speeches.

HOW: I like talking about this part. I feel it is what sets my courses a part from others. We are a praying course. We bathe the experience with prayer. We all pray for one another and allow the Holy Spirit to move in the groups. It really sets us up for breakthroughs that bring lasting change in our lives.

PRICE: The four week session may be broken down to $39/week or $125/month.

Ughhh, I'm actually upset

that it's over...

-R. Smith

I was so much more confident with my powerpoint after this class!

-Elainia Ross