Professor Arana's Online Training: Dynamic PowerPoint Techniques

How I use my 20 years of design experience to create great PowerPoint presentations 


You are going to discover

How to use PowerPoint to enhance your message and not distract your audience.

Some secrets that most people don't use, but Apple certainly does.

How to get the right image that will say the 1000 words, so you don't have to.

Techniques that will save you time on animation, transitions, layering, and inserting audio and video into your presentations

Yes!  This the two hour course I want to save my seat for!  Starting September 17th at 845am EST is Just $40!

This Just In!!!

I am also offering a 3 session course that builds on the first session and adds two more where you can present a PowerPoint speech that I will analyze and give you feedback on.  For $80

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