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Being able to express and communicate your creativity is just as important.  The skills learned on stage transfer very well in public speaking and he loves to help people get over those fears.

This masterclass will give a overview of design esthetics from several desciplines.  If you want to design your own logo or book cover or just be able to communicate better with a designer, this is for you! 

This One Day course will cover How, When & Why to use PPT, Transitions, Animations, Ratios, Timing, Remotes, Layouts, Audio and Video, Conversions. 

Ruben's core message is about creativity.  There is great value in knowing your to creative calling.  Spending time to unlock this part of you will open you up into so much more.

Great Day to you. So a little bit about me.  I have been a professor of theatre for 15 years.  With a Masters of Fine Arts degree from North Carolina School of the Arts. I have taught at SUNY Albany, Coppin State University and Florida A&M University.  A 3x Kennedy Center Design winner, I am a passionate educator.  Using the power of social media, I have expanded my reach with fun, effective and educational content that will expand your creativity, build your spirit and empower your speaking.