Elevate your Creative anointing

A Paint Party Unlike Anything You've Ever Experienced!




This Periscope live video app has absolutely changed my life. Since being on it I have grown a community of more than 8,000 followers and more than 20 million hearts (number of times people have shown their approval of what has been said during a broadcast). This is where the story starts.


In January of 2016 I began painting my pastors sermons on a large canvas during live periscope broadcasts. Then one day something unexpected happened. I started to see what I was supposed to paint a few days before our Sunday broadcast. I recognized I was seeing a prophetic vision that I needed to paint. It wasn’t the first image I’ve seen, but it was the first that I was supposed to paint.


Throughout the first year the Holy Spirit just started to reveal more, including insights into peoples lives and world events.  In the second year of the ministry started to go on a fast-track when we transition to an everyday broadcast.  Viewers started to testify that their spiritual growth was increasing. Speaking in tongues, interpretations, prophetic smells and more dreams.


But then something happened one day during a broadcast. I was lead to paint a body part that required healing and then painted the representation of the Blood of Christ over the pain…and then healing occurred! As we have continued we have had testimonies of foot pain healings, knee healings, stomach healings, back pain healings, hand and arm healings, complete nights of sleep, asthma and lupus healings, hiring for jobs as well as raises and bonuses faster than expected. One recent healing that I am especially excited about is the miracle pregnancy of our sister in Christ who previously was not able to keep the pregnancy.


We are looking forward to greater things as we continue on in our third year. Including a stronger display of the anointing on those who are connected to the “Dub-Dub-Ayyye” Ministry as well as events where we can meet face to face.


Ruben Arana is a passionate educator trained in the theatre arts. He is a multi-award winning designer and tenured faculty member at Florida A&M University. Through his prophetic painting ministry many have accepted salvation through Christ as well as being restored back into the fellowship.


There is a move of the Holy Spirit that Ruben is tapped into and that move is to bridge the gap between the power of the Holy Spirit and the creative arts planted inside of you. He wants to empower and encourage every creative that doesn’t feel included, every prophet who isn't sure about all the colors  and shapes they see and every artist who knows there is more that their art can do when infused by the Holy Spirit.