Creative Anointing Tour

We believe the Holy Spirit completely fills us when we accept Christ as our Lord & Savior. We believe in the activation of prophetic creativity. We believe in engaging and exercising as a group. Join us in one of these cities, or invite us to yours.

Austin.  Birmingham.  Chicago.  Columbus.  DMV.  Indianapolis.  Jacksonville.  Lexington.  Little Rock.  Oakland.  Orlando.  Tallahassee.  Toledo.  Tucson.   Miami.  Norfolk.

Cities and dates are subject to change.

Friday Prophetic Exercise

When you're with other prophets miracles happen.

On Friday evenings we spend time getting to know each other. What better way than to pray and prophecy together. Everyone participates by tapping into the Spirit and calling out any image they are seeing in the Spirit. We then create a visual representation and release the prophetic word, fresh off the prophetic press.

Saturday Prophetic Painting​ + Anointing

Painting in the Spirit from the Spirit.

Saturday mornings have become a time for prophetic creativity. As we gather together we collectively see what the Holy Spirit is showing us. That is then turned into a composition that we then paint and the revelation is released.

Our session is concludes with a transfer of anointing from hand to hand. This moving ceremony has proven to be something that affects all who participate. Expect to experience a powerful move of God. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need any special materials?

Canvas, paint brushes, and paint will be provided. If you want to bring your own brushes, you may. Nothing else special is needed.

Can I bring my child?

You may absolutely bring any child that can paint. We would recommend over seven years of age.

Do I need to know how to paint?

You do not need to know how to paint. Any level of experience will benefit from being a part of this weekend.

Will there be venders/ may I be a vender?

If you have a product or service that you would like to offer please let us know so we may give approval.

What kind of Christian denomination is it?

This will be non-denominational ministry with a pentecostal/apostolic flavor. We believe in the 5 fold ministry gifts and speaking in tongues.

Do you give personal prophecy?

Yes. A one on one sit down with a framed drawing may be scheduled.

Can I come to just one day?

Yes. Absolutely. I understand busy schedules and priorities.

How long does it last?.

For the tour each day will last between 2-3 hours. For the ReUnion some days will be 2-3 hours and others will be 5-8 hours.

Is there a dress code?

Wear something comfortable. If you want to wear a smock, you can.

Do I have to be an artist?

Not at all. All experience levels are welcome. This is more about experiencing the Holy Spirit in a new way.


If I paid can I get a refund?

Yes if you ask at least three weeks in advance. Your registration fee is used to book flights/ vehicles and reserve spaces. Many of those things happen weeks in advance. But what we do offer is a copy of the coloring book.


Is there a space limit?

Yes some spaces will be limited, so we try to get a good headcount as far in advance as possible.

What will I get out of this?

The short answer is you get out what you put in. Nobody that has been to an event has been disappointed. Many lives have changed. Stronger connection to the Holy Spirit, greater manifestation of prophetic giftings and just having a group of people that you can connect with who are like-minded.